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The island is extensive and full of beaches, deserted coves and breathtaking views.
It is for this reason that we recommend 4 routes that start directly from Theodora Villas.

Along the way is comfortable to make a stop every now and then, for a pleasant swim in the blue of the Ionian Sea and eat at some lovely taverna.

ROUTE A – North Direction


MYRTOS and it's turquoise bay: a scenery of incomparable beauty


ASSOS and it's fortress: the quiet little village situated in a piece of land connecting to the fortress.


A celebrity village and it's port. You can stroll along the pier where you can find moored yachts and sailboats and go shopping in the boutiques of the Boardwalk. It is opposite to Ithaca and surrounded by the Mediterranean.

ROUTE B – North/East Direction


a small stop at the Monastery where you will find the remains of San Gerasimos, protector saint of the island.


with stalactites and stalagmites


a mysterious underground lake that in ancient times was known as the Cave of the nymphs. Inside you can take a boat tour and admire the depth of the waters lit from the Sun's rays forming a thousand reflections on the surface.


the untouched beach where the film "Captain Coreli’s Mandolin" was shot.

ROUTE C – East Direction

Along the way you can reach various beaches such as:


It is a typical fishing village with taverns offering fresh fish

Cape Mounda

immense beach with golden sand, deserted, with clear and shallow sea. Here, the kareta-kareta turtles, come back every year to lay their eggs.


lively and tourist village with the long beach. There, you can admire the mosaics of the "Villa Romana"

ROUTE D – West Direction

Xi and Kounopetra

unique red sand beaches, dominated by a grey clay cliff.

Monastery of Kipouria

overlooking the sea

Platia Ammos

amazing beach just a few hundred meters from Kipuria. From the top, the view is impressive. If you take the passage with the many steps carved into the rock you will have the memory of an unforgettable swim.

Petani Beach

the impression to the eyes is unique. Enjoy the transparent blue waters.